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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Touchpoints?

See the Touchpoints page.

How do I get access to Touchpoints?

Contact the Feedback Analytics team to setup a Demo today.

How does the public submit feedback?

The public has the option to submit feedback online via a mobile-friendly website.

How is my data used?

Is the feedback anonymous?

Touchpoints forms that do not ask for any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) cannot be used to identify an individual.

Are members of the public required to provide feedback?

Submitting feedback is purely optional.

How will the feedback collected be used?

Government agencies participating in the program may use your feedback to improve how they deliver their services. GSA may partner with agencies to analyze the feedback data and develop action plans for the purposes of improving customer experience.

Who can see my feedback?

Feedback submitted via Touchpoints is accessible by the authorized staff of participating agencies.

Under guidance from 2018 A-11 Circular, High Impact Service Providers (HISPs) participating in the Customer Experience Cross Agency Priority Goal, part of the President’s Management Agenda, collect anonymous customer experience scores that are aggregated at the service level and publicly available at

What languages are available for the public to submit feedback?

English is the only language available at this time.

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